Rick Stein’s Food Paradise Spain 1/4 Reply

Rick Stein Spain

British chef, restaurant owner and culinary media star presents the best series we have seen on authentic Spanish food. It might have been called “Spanish food without liquid nitrogen.” It’s four insightful and delightful hour-long chapters, so you’d be advised to mix yourself a drink, put your feet up and enjoy it to the full. Here’s the first one:


Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià’s Academia Reply

Ferran Adria chef

The world famous chef visits Las Vegas to support Estrella Damm beer, unfolds global culinary education agenda

Vegas Seven.com–Listening to Ferran Adrià speak to a packed house at Bazaar Meat in SLS Las Vegas on September 11, I felt as though I should be taking notes. The legendary Spanish chef was delivering a lecture entitled Creativity in the Art of Food at his first public Las Vegas appearance, presented by Spanish beer company Estrella Damm. But Adrià, who recently signed on as a spokesman for the brand, clearly wasn’t in Las Vegas to shill beer.

Speaking through an interpreter for close to two hours, he seemed intent on re-defining the way in which we as a society think of food, tackling such diverse topics as the vocabulary we use to describe food to the way major developments in human history have affected what we eat.


Top-Notch Tapas: Seven Recipes Reply

Pimientos de Padron

Colleen Casey writes for the Wall Street Cheat Sheet.com, March 2, 2014–It is time to take your taste buds on a little culinary tour — to Spain. While you’re taking yourself on this faux-foodie trip, you might as well experience as many flavors as possible, and there is no better way to do that than with tapas. With tapas, some plates are bigger, and meant to be shared, while others are prepared in bite-sized portions. Either way, they are perfect for appetizers or components of a meal. You can make as many or as few as you’d like. To experience Spain without ever leaving home, here are seven tapas recipes.


Some News About You, Dear Readers 2

Weighing and measuring

When we first considered publishing an English-language online magazine about Spain we expected that most of our readers would be northern Europeans, people from cold climes who are familiar with Spain and might even have been here on holidays. We thought they would be British, Germans, Scandinavians, French, Belgians and Dutch, along with a few Americans, Russians, Japanese and Chinese. As a lot of these people already know Spain we thought we might be able to lure them gently to take a deeper look at the country and maybe even consider it as a place to set up housekeeping. We know that’s a good idea. We’ve done it ourselves.


Spain… On the Road Again, Part 9 — Castillian Hog Heaven 2

On Road AgainFootloose Mark and Claudia are in hog heaven as the road trip winds through Castilla y León. They head for Salamanca’s amazing Plaza Mayor in search of a breakfast fix of ham for Claudia. “Ham is in the air here,” says Mark. Their interest perked, they decide to head right to the source — a traditional Salamanca farm that raises the famous black–footed pigs. Their porcine pilgrimage continues to Segovia–“one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” according to Mark Bittman– where Bitty and Bassols eat like emperors in the shadow of the city’s 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct. Feeling a little pigged–out, Mark and Claudia return to Basque country, unearthing a medieval cathedral and sampling Vitoria’s finest tapas or, in their own words, “pintxos to die for!” More…

Six Modern Spanish Cooking Techniques Reply

Spanish cooking gelification

The 21st Century Spanish Cuisine – Do It Yourself!

In this series of six brief videos (from one to two and a half minutes) Foods from Spain opens the door to the fascinating world of modern Spanish cuisine. In them we get a glimpse of the radical new techniques of deconstruction, gelification, foams, liquid nitrogen, spherification and Roner vacuum. Best of all, you can try these new tricks at home. With a sense of adventure and, in a few cases some specialized equipment, you can turn a Spanish omelette inside out and make it into a cocktail or create a foam from anything from fish to fruit. More…

Traditional Spanish Cooking–Marinades Reply

anchoas vinagrePhoto courtesy of Sabor Gourment.com–This title says “marinades,” though it actually only deals with one: anchoas en vinagre (also known as boquerones en vinagre), fresh anchovies in vinegar. But this is such a simple and quick dish to make, and so delicious, that we’re offering it to you here. The only possible hitch is,  depending upon where you’re located, you might not be able to find fresh anchovies. The rest of the ingredients are easy to locate: white wine vinegar, finely sliced garlic, salt, parsley and, to finish off, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. These delightful pickled fish are omnipresent on Spanish bars and tables, often served on top of a couple of potato chips alongside a cold beer. More…

A Visit to Barcelona’s Boquería Market 1

You Can Also Eat There–Talk about “Market Fresh!”

cigalasIf the main food market is the place you like to stop first  in every new city you visit, you have a treat in store for you in Barcelona. Located in the middle of La Rambla pedestrian boulevard with its flower and bird stalls, and opposite the evocative Barrio Gótico restaurant quarter, the 19th-century Boquería Market (Mercado de San Josep) is one of Europe’s largest and most colorful. More…

Spanish Food and Restaurants in London Reply

Tapa of musselsThough we don’t usually think of London as a hotbed of Spanish food and restaurants, their presence is on the rise there as elsewhere in the world. This  20-minute video offers an ample introduction to the Spanish restaurants–and let’s not forget the chic tapas bars–the distributors, specialists and the chefs to be discovered and cherished in London. More…

Spain’s Great Match: Food and Wine, Along with Some Exciting Design Reply

An Annual Spanish Gastronomy and Wine Celebration in New York (video)

Spanish tapas NYC

 The 2012 edition Spain’s Great Match event–their annual wine-tasting-and-tapas-fest in New York–this year featured design for the first time. The lounge area of the venue was decorated by Spanish designers and gave visitors a chance to test drive Spain’s latest in designer furnishings. More…