It’s About Loving Spanish Spain 2/2 7

Gypsy horse trader

This is the second and final part of Bart Sedgebear’s “¡Alegria! Foundation” interview with  editor, Mike Booth

What did you do for a living when you arrived in Spain?

I wrote and photographed travel stories for newspapers and magazines. On winter mornings I breakfasted  a couple of “sol y sombras” (brandy with anise) with my neighbors in the “Diablo’s Bar” just off the village square. For years I thought that was the normal breakfast in Spain. More…


It’s About Loving Spanish Spain 1/2 2

The ¡Alegria! Foundation Story, an Interview with Editor, Mike Booth

Harvest time

.Mike Booth is an expatriate photojournalist and editor. He was granted Spanish citizenship in 1983.

An Interview by Bart Sedgebear

Q: What does Spain mean to you, Mike?
A: “For me Spain is like the girl you fell in love with 40 years ago and, after all you’ve been through together, you love her more than ever.” More…

¡Alegria! Editor Featured in Conexion Spain Virtual Webcast 2

Conexion Spain Virtual

¡Alegría! Editor Mike Booth Affirms: “It’s about Loving Spanish Spain”

One of the new features of the recent Conexion Spain Virtual online trade show, sponsored by the Spanish national tourist offices in the U.S. and Canada, was a series of webcasts by specialists on Spanish subjects. (Don’t let the term “webcast” scare you. They’re just online Power Point presentations with voice over.) If you missed the live broadcast on April 11th, the Spanish tourist office folks have kindly made it available on their own site, where you can access it for the next three months. More…