Wild Spain with Michael Portillo – BBC Documentary 1

lammergeier quebrantahuesos

This 48-minute BBC documentary on Spanish wildlife is presented by an unlikely commentator. Michael Portillo, son of an exiled Spaniard and Scottish mother, was a Conservative government advisor who became a Thatcherite MP and cabinet minister. He left politics in 2005 to devote himself to media projects. David Attenborough he ain’t though he does a journeyman’s job of introducing some of the most interesting wildlife of his father’s home country, including the Spanish lynx, the most endangered feline species in the world with only 120-140 examples remaining. He also includes the giant lammergeier vulture that the Spanish call “quebrantahuesos,” “bone breaker,” which drops bones from a height so as to crack them and get to the marrow. Portillo’s best comment: “Picking over the bones of carrion takes me back to the House of Commons.” More…