An Interview with Legendary Spanish Chef Juan Mari Arzak Reply

Juan Maria Arzak

Miami–Juan Mari Arzak, the legendary Spanish chef who helped spark a revolution in his homeland in the 1970s — not so much modernizing, but futurizing Basque cuisine and paving the way for later Spanish visionaries such as Ferran Adriá, that mad scientist of foams, airs and deconstructions — greets you in the lobby of the Metropolitan Hotel on Collins Avenue with a kiss on each cheek. And also a warning.

It’s after noon, but he has just gotten out of bed. “I’m not very hungry yet. There was a lot of traveling yesterday,” says Arzak, who at 72, with his wispy white hair and his gentle demeanor, might seem like any grandfatherly figure on vacation and out of place among the hipsters who are here to blow it out like they’re starring in their own MTV videos. But this grandfather can teach the youngsters a thing or two about living it up.



After Watching These Last Two Iberico Ham Videos You’ll Be an Expert! Reply

Iberico ham

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In these second two iberico ham videos we learn how the world’s finest ham is salted and cured and, best of all, how to slice it. It’s got bones down the middle, you see, and you have to work around them skilfully. And it needs to be sliced super thin–for which there is a special knife–so as to achieve maximum surface area. This paper-thin slicing enhances and extends the incomparable taste experience. The curing process is an industrial variation of the way jamón serrano has been prepared in Spain since time immemorial. Crisp mountain air with its unique micro-flora still intervenes in the process. Shall we have a look at it? More…