I Belong to Dublin but Spain is Mine 1

My home on the Costa Blanca is the best investment I ever made. It has given me a second life, and a more open, tranquil version of myself, writes Sheila O’Flanagan

Sheila O'Flanagan homeSheila O’Flanagan, Irish Independent, December 12, 2013–Because I once worked in financial services, I’m often asked what my best investment ever has been. And although I know most people imagine that I’m going to tell them about a hot-tip share that doubled in value a few days after I bought it, or a massive killing on the commodities market (neither of which actually happened unfortunately) the truth is that the best investment I ever made was buying a holiday home on Spain’s Costa Blanca nearly 16 years ago. More…


People Who Come to Spain to Stay Reply

Annabella GorlierMost of us didn’t know we were coming to Spain to stay. We just came. Then we never left. This is a video with interviews with 10 people who stayed. They’re from different places–the U.S.A., Holland, Brazil, Argentina, France, the U.K., Italy–and they all agree on one thing: They’re here for the duration.

The one who sums it up best and nicely expresses the sense of  the rest says, “I’ve discovered a Spanish side of me that I like, that I feel very happy with…” Two of them assure us they’re here for the “alegria.” That’s reassuring to those of us in the business of !Alegria! More…

“We were amazed by just how kind everybody was…” 3

A Video Interview at Home in a Spanish Village with Londoners Alan and Stella Sekers

Alan Stella Sekers

Alan and Stella Sekers on the terrace of their village house in Quentar

When Alan and Stella Sekers retired from teaching they wanted to introduce some adventure into their lives, perhaps living in Spain. They discovered Quentar, “their” Spanish village, almost by accident when they went to visit some friends there. They soon made the decision to look for a house of their own in the village. One old ruin of a place appeared in short order. They flew back down from London and… Well, let’s let them tell you what happened.  More…