Top 5 Retirement Cities In Spain Reply

Alhambra Granada Spain

Each year, International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index ranks and rates the best retirement destinations in the world, taking into consideration real estate, retiree benefits, cost of living, ease of integration, entertainment and amenities, healthcare, retirement infrastructure, and climate. Spain ranked number five in this year’s Index, scoring well across the board, and especially in real estate (with a score of 91 out of 100), entertainment and amenities (96), healthcare (91), and retirement infrastructure (93).

Spain is a popular tourist destination because of its climate, natural beauty, warm and engaging people, cuisine, festivals, and miles of coastline.  Retirees can enjoy these benefits, plus a low cost of living and a well-developed national health system. Here, we take a peek at five of Spain’s top retirement cities.



Loreena McKennitt — Nights from the Alhambra Reply


Posted on YouTube by Angel Volandoconalas (“Angel Flying with Wings”) This is a concert by an evocative artist set in the Palace of Charles V on the grounds of the Alhambra in Granada. Loreena McKennitt seems ideally suited to present her art and sensitivity on summer nights in the Alhambra.

The production is executed with deceptively simple stagecraft, consummate musicianship with an exceptional selection of instruments, including an electric violin and cello as well as the singer herself on harp and accordian.  McKinnitt’s original compositions skillfully mix Celtic and Mediterranean roots in the creation of this understated masterpiece of a concert, a benchmark of musical purity and humility.


Win This Hand-Pulled Fine-Art Print of the Alhambra Reply

Maureens Alhambra print

Just fill out our readers survey, and when you’re finished complete the contact form at the end and we’ll put your email in the hat for an opportunity to win this hand-pulled fine print by the Hispano-British master printmaker, Maureen Lucía Booth.

Title: Muros Ancestrales (Ancestral Walls)
Size of image: 6×16 cm.
Technique: Two-color liquid metal relief print on a zinc plate
Paper: Paperki handmade, 300 gr.
Edition number: 41/50, edited in the studio of the artist More…

Munira’s European Road Trip Becomes a Life in Spanish Leather 3

Munira Mendonça repujadora

One of Spain’s leading craft persons and activists on behalf of her compañeros in Spanish leather working was born and raised in Oakland, California. Over her 35 years in Spain Munira Mendonça has presided over an association of women artesanas, served on the board of directors of the Andalusian regional federation of artisans, and organized craft fairs and courses. Since she’s had her shop, she’s promoted the work of local handicraft workers there. She’s also taught her skills to a series of apprentices, some of whom have established their own workshops. And she still offers occasional leather working courses to small groups. More…

Cave Squatters Resist Eviction in Granada Reply

Cave eviction protest

World Bulletin, Granada, December 14, 2013–The Spanish authorities in Granada are attempting to evict a community of people living in caves on the Sacromonte mountainside opposite the famous Alhambra fortress and palace. Residents living in the San Miguel Alto caves are resisting attempts to evict them, with dozens staging protests this week against the Granada City Council, which claims the caves are at risk of collapsing.

However, residents say that this is the third attempt to evict them in 6 years, and claimed that when the last report stating the instability of the caves was released three years ago, no official had actually inspected the caves. More…

Take a Quick Timelapse Trip Around Andalusia Reply

Seville horse carriage

This four-and-a-half-minute timelapse video from the Spanish Tourist Office takes us  on a trip round Andalusia, Spain’s largest and southernmost region, focusing  on its culture, important cities, picturesque towns, accommodation and entertainment, and its modern range of services for visitors. Most foreign travelers consider Andalusia the most “typical” and most enchanting of the Spanish regions, as it offers what most people expect to find in Spain: sunny beaches, fiestas with girls in frilly flamenco dresses and gentlemen on horseback, and some of the finest tapas bars in Spain.This video includes:


When the Moors Ruled in Europe – History of Islam in Spain. Part 1 1

Moors in SpainThis is a British Channel 4 two-part documentary from 2005. In two one-hour sections. It presents in a well-documented and accesible way the story of the Muslim conquest of the Iberian peninsula and their nearly 800-year domination here. The name al-Andalus generally describes parts of the Iberian Peninsula and Septimania governed by Muslims or “Moors” at various times between 711 and 1492, though the boundaries changed constantly in wars with Christian kingdoms. The Channel 4 team, headed by presenter, Bettany Hughes, goes beyond the mythical treacherous and bloodthirsty Moor with a curved scimitar to delve into the society and daily life of Muslim society in medieval Iberia, a civilization which enjoyed advanced knowledge of science, medicine and literature, as well as a high degree of tolerance among the three religions of the book: Islam, Christianity and Judaeism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia, Spain in 750 a.d.) More…

Granada’s Alhambra Palace Embodies Poetry, History and Mystery Reply

women Alhambra GranadaThis five-minute video of the Alhambra Palace produced by The Guardian offers us a romantic and literary view of Granada’s 13th-century Moorish palace, which bathed in oriental splendor till the Reconquest of Granada by the Christians at the end of the 15th. You will recall, “In fourteen hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”

It was at that very same time that Ferdinand and Isabella were culminating their conquest of Granada. More…

It’s About Loving Spanish Spain 2/2 7

Gypsy horse trader

This is the second and final part of Bart Sedgebear’s “¡Alegria! Foundation” interview with  editor, Mike Booth

What did you do for a living when you arrived in Spain?

I wrote and photographed travel stories for newspapers and magazines. On winter mornings I breakfasted  a couple of “sol y sombras” (brandy with anise) with my neighbors in the “Diablo’s Bar” just off the village square. For years I thought that was the normal breakfast in Spain. More…

It’s About Loving Spanish Spain 1/2 2

The ¡Alegria! Foundation Story, an Interview with Editor, Mike Booth

Harvest time

.Mike Booth is an expatriate photojournalist and editor. He was granted Spanish citizenship in 1983.

An Interview by Bart Sedgebear

Q: What does Spain mean to you, Mike?
A: “For me Spain is like the girl you fell in love with 40 years ago and, after all you’ve been through together, you love her more than ever.” More…