The Private Life Of A Masterpiece – Goya’s Third of May 1808 1/4 Reply

Goya Third May

This curious four-part BBC documentary from 2004 relates Francisco de Goya’s universal masterpiece, The Third of May, to modern examples of martial inhumanity in Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Tiananmen Square, Bosnia and other places. The series, thoughtfully written by Russell Davies and narrated by Samuel West, highlights some of the versions of this painting done by modern artists emulating Goya’s iconic portrayal of The Horror.



Francisco Goya – The First Modern Artist? – 2/3 2

Goya modo volarby Bart Sedgebear

.First Prints: Los Caprichos

Goya began making prints in 1792 after his illness and the onset of total deafness, and it is in this medium that his art–and Spanish visual culture– reached its highest expression. His  first series of etchings, Los Caprichos (“The Follies”), dates from early 1789.  It consists of 80 plates in which the artist, working with complete freedom, expresses, in his own words, “the censure of human errors and vices.”  The series was offered for sale in the Gaceta de Madrid newspaper but, after the Santa Inquisición “inquired” into this scandalous new form of expression, Los Caprichos were quickly and quietly withdrawn from the marketplace. More…

Goya – Crazy Like A Genius 2

 Robert Hughes

This Goya documentary is doubly delightful, first for the genius of the artist, and then for the engaging presentation by the Australian art critic who made it. Throughout his brilliant international career Robert Hughes was refreshing because he shunned the jargon of the art world and created his own plain-spoken language for dealing with art. More…