Spain’s Great Match, NY, 2014 Reply

 Spains Great Match

The Big Annual Spanish Food/Wine/Design Show in New York

Flicks and–The Trade Commission of Spain announced the 21st annual Spain’s Great Match event for October 8th in New York’s iconic IAC Building. This collaborative extravaganza of Spanish culture celebrates the distinctive wines, food and design of Spain.

More than 300 wines representing the varietals and wine regions of Spain were featured in a walk-around tasting format. American importers and distributors of Spanish wines presented their best products, including new wines and the latest vintages, to wine industry professionals and consumers.

During the afternoon, members of the wine trade and press were also invited to tutored regional tasting seminars. In the evening, the event was open to the public and featured, along with the wine stations, offerings from some of New York City’s best Spanish restaurants and tapas bars.



Authentic El Bierzo Wines Achieve International Projection Reply

Bierzo vineyards Spain

Rosa María González Lamas writes for Foods from–Autóctona del Bierzo, a winery association from the Bierzo DOP works on a new stage of its campaign “Authentic Bierzo”, a promotional effort that pretends to expand and strengthen the presence of Bierzo wines in the United States highlighting the unique landscapes, the indigenous flavors of Mencía and Godello grapes and their very old vines of origin, and the authenticity and singularity of Bierzo wines as quality products. The Association works in conjuction with the Bierzo DOP Regulatory Council.

This new stage is based on developing a new web site for the US market to be launched by mid-2014, and on capitalizing in social networks to promote the wines from Bierzo in America. As part of the new web site, a comprehensive catalogue of the wineries’ portfolios will be available online, offering  information about these, images, export contacts and other key wine and winery information, framed to also reflect the essence and history of the Bierzo wine region so that Americans can be attracted to its wines.


Spanish Quince Jelly: Sweet Temptation Reply

Spanish quince jelly

Rodrigo García writes in Foods from Spain, October 25, 2012–From the acidity and astringency of the fresh fruit to the sumptuous sweetness of the final product. This is the path that Spanish quince follows from its harvest in the middle of autumn to its conversion, thanks to its exquisite symbiosis with sugar, into a Spanish sweet known as ‘dulce de membrillo’, or quince paste. International chefs, consumers and distributors are the latest to become enamored with this enduring traditional flavor. More…

5,000 Years of Spanish Olive Oil History Reply

Spanish olive oil

From Foods from–Since before the Romans till the 21st century, from traditional cooking to avant garde cuisine, olive oil has been an iconic Spanish product, cherished at home and exported to other countries. Not only is it one of the world’s healthiest food products but traditionally it has also been used in cosmetics, medicine and as fuel for oil lamps. (Inferior olive oil is still referred to as “aceite lampante,” only suitable for burning.)

With origins somewhere in the Middle East some 5,000 years before Christ, olive oil made its way west to Spain via the Cretans, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians, who arrived here around 1100 BC.


Two Iconic Spanish Products–Saffron and Olive Oil Reply

Spanish Saffron, A Traditional Delicacy

Spanish saffron

Spanish saffron, the finest in the world

Did you ever ask yourself why saffron is so expensive or whether you should crush in in a mortar or steep it in wine or why the best saffron in the world is Spanish? It takes 250,000 crocus flowers to make a kilo (35 oz.) of kitchen-ready saffron. This video should clear up your ideas.


Here Come the “Foods from Spain” Gastronomy Videos 2

Foods from Spain Authorizes ¡Alegría! to Publish Their Spanish Gastronomy Videos

Foods from Spain

Foods from Spain is the gastronomic website run by the ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Agency. It’s slick and authoritative and includes news and feature stories, videos and blogs, and a food-talk forum both for food professionals and students of the good life. It’s must reading for anybody interested in Spanish cuisine in any of its many flavors. More…