The ¡Alegría! Team Is Taking August Off; We’ll See You in September Reply

Vacation in AugustWe’re happy to announce that the ¡Alegría! team is taking a vacation in August. So the magazine won’t be updated until Monday, September 2, 2013. That will give us some time to put our feet up, charge our batteries, visit the mountains and the beach and, most importantly, have some tranquil time to think about how to improve the magazine. We want to make it more interactive (more open to your participation), with more feature stories and enlarged and enhanced Spanish property information. More…


“We were amazed by just how kind everybody was…” 3

A Video Interview at Home in a Spanish Village with Londoners Alan and Stella Sekers

Alan Stella Sekers

Alan and Stella Sekers on the terrace of their village house in Quentar

When Alan and Stella Sekers retired from teaching they wanted to introduce some adventure into their lives, perhaps living in Spain. They discovered Quentar, “their” Spanish village, almost by accident when they went to visit some friends there. They soon made the decision to look for a house of their own in the village. One old ruin of a place appeared in short order. They flew back down from London and… Well, let’s let them tell you what happened.  More…

“The Most Beautiful Place We Had Ever Seen…” Reply

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Gillian_Rizgar MoclinWhat happened after love at first sight? “What always happens,” she says. You start working to build a relationship. In our case it was not just with the people, but also the place, starting with the renovation of our new house, which was our first priority. That was a learning experience that put us in touch with all kinds of people in our new village and gave a nice impulse to our Spanish skills. Converting two village houses into one involves a lot of compromises and creativity. In the end we got what we wanted: a spacious home with indoor and outdoor living spaces, views of the castle and the surrounding countryside, as well as some proper office space, something we had always longed for. More…