Smoke.Oil.Salt. Brings Back a Paella Master Reply

LA paella

Jonathan Gold writes for the LA–Have you ever tasted real paella? And by “real,” I should specify that I mean not the stuff you eat with sangria down by the beach or even the lovely yellow rice with seafood that you have to order a day in advance at Cuban restaurants, but the real thing, rare outside its birthplace in the mountains outside Valencia, which is less a vehicle for costly ingredients than it is a big, shallow pan of methodically toasted rice.

(Re: Authenticity. Did you ever see a Spaniard eat paella for supper?)



El Bulli Chef Ferran Adrià Unveils Plans for ‘Cooking Laboratory’ and Museum Reply

Chef Ferran Adria

Agence France-Presse for The, March 4, 2014–Spanish star chef Ferran Adrià unveiled plans on Tuesday for a “cooking laboratory”, museum and database of top recipes at his world-beating restaurant, el Bulli. Adrià, whose eatery was crowned best in the world five times by Britain’s Restaurant magazine before it closed in 2011, gave a preview of the “el Bulli foundation”, which he said would open next year. For over two decades the Catalan chef, now 51, pushed the boundaries of cuisine, using hi-tech methods to take apart and rebuild foods in surprising ways. More…

The Genius Behind El Bulli Sketches Out His Creative Process 1

Ferran Adria sketcch

 writes on, January 3, 2014–Ferran Adrià is one of the world’s most venerated culinary pioneers, a molecular gastronomist who used sophisticated cooking techniques and a multisensory approach to reinvent Spanish cuisine. His Michelin five-star restaurant elBulli became an international foodie destination that revolutionized the concept of eating with an avant-garde tasting menu of some 40 dishes. More…