British Are Sexually Uptight, Dirty and Drink Too Much – According to Spanish Book Reply

Fawlty1–British people like to drink too much and would rather complete a crossword than have sex, according to a book published in Spain. Alberto Letona somewhat helpfully seeks to dispel the idea that Brits are hooligans who get blind-drunk in Spanish resorts by replacing them with a few dubious stereotypes of his own. The author of Sons and Daughters of Great Britain describes the populace of Britain as stingy and liking alcohol too much –according to The Times.

Brits also have trouble with intimacy, allegedly. It is a “trait”  that has long been lampooned in home-grown classic sitcoms such as Fawlty Towers, in which hotel owners Basil and Sybil do not even share the same bed. The long-standing class system also gets a good dressing-down as he criticises the way British people seek to keep up appearances or hide their real intentions with niceties. The former journalist, who is married to a British teacher and had lived in St Andrews and London, writes: “Middle-class people are more given to hypocrisy.”