What’s New on ¡Alegria! This Fall? 2

Autumn SpainIt’s September, we’ve had a fruitful and restorative summer break, and it’s great to be back with new stories and videos and some fresh ideas for making ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living more interesting and more rewarding for you, our readers. As we suspected, getting out of the office turned out to be more productive than staying glued to our computers. A couple of  “meetings” at a beach restaurant (“chiringuito” the Spanish call it playfully) over grilled fish, a green salad and a cold white wine yielded more and better ideas and clarified the magazine’s mission–subscribers!–and the best ways to achieve it–content, content, content.

We’ve altered the publication schedule to make the timing of the magazine more convenient for most of our readers. Instead of updating with one fresh article five days a week we’ll do it three days a week with two new articles each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What it boils down to is giving you more content in a more concentrated form.  We hope you’ll find this approach more to your liking. More…


You Can Play, Too! — ¡Alegria!’s New Readers’-Images Board on Pinterest Reply

Pinterest logoDuring one of our summer brainstorming sessions on the beach it occurred to us that it would be great to offer our readers the possibility to share images and videos of their Spanish experiences. The first question that arose was: “How do we implement that service? WordPress doesn’t have an application for it.”

“No,” said our Web guru, “but Pinterest does and it’s only a link away. All we have to do is  set up a branch office there.” More…

Welcome to Spain’s Land of Quercus–A Domesticated Forest 1

dehesa southease SpainThis may be the perfect video for a Monday morning. It’s beautiful, soothing, fascinating and soul restoring. Leave it to the Spanish to produce such a work of art based on–you guessed it–the black-legged Iberian pig. “Quercus” is the Latin word for “oak.” It designates the genus of some 600 species of trees worldwide. In Spain it’s most often associated with the live or holm oak, the wonderful tree that provides the acorns eaten by the cerdo iberico, the acorns which are responsible in part for the sublime flavor of iberico ham. What we see in this video is life on a dehesa, one of the extensive farms located mainly in southwestern Spain and dedicate to raising black pigs and fighting bulls and harvesting cork. More…

Madrid: 4 Bars 4 Tapas in La Latina Reply

Spanish tapas barsPhoto Copyright Fernando Madariaga/ ICEX–Though the two most prolific tapas regions in Spain are Andalusia and the Basque Country, visitors to Madrid can enjoy both tapas  traditions as well as those of everywhere else in the country. The center of Madrid’s tapas hotbed is the neighborhood of La Latina. This trendy, bohemian open space in the center of Madrid’s old town condenses in just one of its streets, Calle Cava Baja, 42 bars and restaurants in a space of just over 300 meters. More…

¡Alegria! – Your Feedback is Vital 4

rotary printing press

Though paper and a printing press are no longer necessary for a publishing project, no amount of talent and determination will make a fine magazine without the single most important contributor: you, the reader. Your participation is absolutely vital to the quality and growth of ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living. Fledgling publishing projects require constant reader feedback, just as fledgling birds need a steady supply of worms. More…

Spanish Wine’s Quiet Revolution I/III Reply

Spanish grapesNew wine making techniques, new grape varieties, upcoming wine regions and new approaches to worldwide markets are the subjects of this series of three videos called “The Quiet Revolution.” Presented in a relaxed and amenable way, this series, sponsored by ICEX, the Spanish export agency. It provides a wealth of information, much of it new, even for longtime Spanish wine aficionados. Note curiosities in this first video in the series such as the way the Galicians drink their wine from little ceramic bowls. More…

¡Alegria! Editor Featured in Conexion Spain Virtual Webcast 2

Conexion Spain Virtual

¡Alegría! Editor Mike Booth Affirms: “It’s about Loving Spanish Spain”

One of the new features of the recent Conexion Spain Virtual online trade show, sponsored by the Spanish national tourist offices in the U.S. and Canada, was a series of webcasts by specialists on Spanish subjects. (Don’t let the term “webcast” scare you. They’re just online Power Point presentations with voice over.) If you missed the live broadcast on April 11th, the Spanish tourist office folks have kindly made it available on their own site, where you can access it for the next three months. More…

Spain National Tourism Offices Inaugurate Virtual Trade Show Today Reply

Conexión Spain Virtual April 10-11: Spain now only a click away

Conexion Spain Virtual

A computer-generated representation of the Conexión Spain Virtual venue.

The interactive trade show taking place Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday, April 11 showcases Spain as a leisure and convention tourism destination and is organized by the Tourist Offices of Spain in the USA and Canada. More…

Two Iconic Spanish Products–Saffron and Olive Oil Reply

Spanish Saffron, A Traditional Delicacy

Spanish saffron

Spanish saffron, the finest in the world

Did you ever ask yourself why saffron is so expensive or whether you should crush in in a mortar or steep it in wine or why the best saffron in the world is Spanish? It takes 250,000 crocus flowers to make a kilo (35 oz.) of kitchen-ready saffron. This video should clear up your ideas.


Here Come the “Foods from Spain” Gastronomy Videos 2

Foods from Spain Authorizes ¡Alegría! to Publish Their Spanish Gastronomy Videos

Foods from Spain

Foods from Spain is the gastronomic website run by the ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Agency. It’s slick and authoritative and includes news and feature stories, videos and blogs, and a food-talk forum both for food professionals and students of the good life. It’s must reading for anybody interested in Spanish cuisine in any of its many flavors. More…