Win This Hand-Pulled Fine-Art Print of the Alhambra Reply

Maureens Alhambra print

Just fill out our readers survey, and when you’re finished complete the contact form at the end and we’ll put your email in the hat for an opportunity to win this hand-pulled fine print by the Hispano-British master printmaker, Maureen Lucía Booth.

Title: Muros Ancestrales (Ancestral Walls)
Size of image: 6×16 cm.
Technique: Two-color liquid metal relief print on a zinc plate
Paper: Paperki handmade, 300 gr.
Edition number: 41/50, edited in the studio of the artist More…


Help ¡Alegria! Grow–Here’s How 6

Seville April Fair

Photo by Jean Dominique Dallet

In order for ¡Alegria! to prosper it needs sponsorship, which we consider the best way to finance the magazine while maintaining our non-commercial approach. Before committing themselves, potential sponsors, whether institutional (like tourist offices) or private companies (like hotel chains or airlines), want to know about our readers. They don’t need your names or contact information, but they do want to know where you’re from, the subjects you like best from ¡Alegria!, along with information about your location, lifestyle and consumer habits. More…

The ¡Alegría! Readers’ Survey 1

We're listeningHere at ¡Alegria! we’ve spent the last few months squeezing our heads trying to figure out what our readers were thinking, what were your concerns, what perked your curiosity and, ultimately, what you wanted to see in the magazine.  At our last meeting before the August break the youngest, cheekiest member of the team said sagely: “Why don’t you ask them?” Hence this readers’ survey. It’s both a way for you to express your preferences and for us to attend to them. There are just six questions with multiple-choice answers. It shouldn’t take you more than three minutes to answer them. We appreciate your participation. More…