Help ¡Alegria! Grow–Here’s How 6

Seville April Fair

Photo by Jean Dominique Dallet

In order for ¡Alegria! to prosper it needs sponsorship, which we consider the best way to finance the magazine while maintaining our non-commercial approach. Before committing themselves, potential sponsors, whether institutional (like tourist offices) or private companies (like hotel chains or airlines), want to know about our readers. They don’t need your names or contact information, but they do want to know where you’re from, the subjects you like best from ¡Alegria!, along with information about your location, lifestyle and consumer habits. More…


The Way of St. James–Much More Than Just a Long Journey on Foot 3

Camino Santiago SpainPilgrims from all over the world have followed the Way of Saint James (Camino de Santiago) for a thousand years. Originally a religious pilgrimage to the apocryphal tomb of St. James, the walk soon became a trade and cultural route, one of the first to unite the north and south of Europe. The pilgrimage remains alive today, and people come from every continent to enjoy the landscapes, the hospitality, and the challenges offered at every stage of the way. Many of them discover much more than a mere long walk. Whichever route you choose, the French one across the Pyrenees, or the Portuguese one that borders the Atlantic, the month of June is an ideal time to start walking! More…

WordPress Recognition for ¡Alegria! Raises Spirits Around Here Reply

Last week we received notification from Word–who provide the platform for publishing ¡Alegría! online–that they have featured us in their Theme Showcase as an example of best practices in the use of WordPress templates. They liked the way that ¡Alegría! had taken advantage of options in typography, column layout, headers, and widgets to achieve a clear, well-balanced presentation.

As you will see, it’s a small recognition, but we’re proud of it because they selected us from among 56,000,000 WordPress blogs. Fledgling publishing projects need all the morale boosts they can get, and we’re thankful for this one.

Follow this link to see WordPress‘s mention of ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living.

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