Spanish Food without Spanish Wine? That’s Unthinkable! 1

Wines from Spain

Now that we’ve begun to tempt your palate with foods from Spain we’ve asked Wines from to permit our readers access to their extensive library of videos on the subject of Spanish wines. They very graciously said yes and today we’re publishing an advance of the kind of things you can expect to see in the coming months. If  you love Spanish wine, welcome aboard. If you’re not yet an aficionado, here is where you can get your introduction. It’s never too late! (Why do you think Spain has the longest life expectancy in the world?) More…


Join Us on a Voyage to Spanish Spain 2

Seafood Motril

A local seafood bar near the fish auction (lonja) in the Port of Motril.

Everybody Has Been to Spain, Or Have They?

Everybody has been to Spain. They’ve done the bullfights, the paella on the beach and the flamenco show. They’ve visited the caves and the cathedrals, sung “Viva España” and taken a coach excursion to a safari park. But have they been to Spain? Not really. More…

Two Iconic Spanish Products–Saffron and Olive Oil Reply

Spanish Saffron, A Traditional Delicacy

Spanish saffron

Spanish saffron, the finest in the world

Did you ever ask yourself why saffron is so expensive or whether you should crush in in a mortar or steep it in wine or why the best saffron in the world is Spanish? It takes 250,000 crocus flowers to make a kilo (35 oz.) of kitchen-ready saffron. This video should clear up your ideas.


“Salobreña Inspired Me”–An Interview with Helen McCormack 6

“What Can I Do?” Plenty. Be Creative.

Helen McCormack

This is the view that Helen wakes up to each morning.

“Salobreña inspired me,” says Helen McCormack, who came here to retire and promptly made herself an essential player in the cultural life of the pueblo. Recognition came quickly to this gently dynamic Irish woman from County Kildare.


Here Come the “Foods from Spain” Gastronomy Videos 2

Foods from Spain Authorizes ¡Alegría! to Publish Their Spanish Gastronomy Videos

Foods from Spain

Foods from Spain is the gastronomic website run by the ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Agency. It’s slick and authoritative and includes news and feature stories, videos and blogs, and a food-talk forum both for food professionals and students of the good life. It’s must reading for anybody interested in Spanish cuisine in any of its many flavors. More…

Isidro Villó portfolio

The Isidro Villó Portfolio–Hitting the High Spots 6

Isidro Villó is a young physics professor at the Politecnique University of Cartagena on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. He’s  been mountaineering since his mid teens and has climbed in Sierra Nevada, the Andes and the Himalayas. Besides being a first-class academic and a world-class athlete he also has a powerful aesthetic and poetic sensitivity that is at its best at high altitudes. More…

Portfolio — Bill Booth Looks at Granada’s Insects with a Macro 10

Bill Booth insects

Bill Booth is a professor of structural geology at the University of Granada. He was born in Granada in 1972 to an English mother and an American father. Except for two years of post-doctoral work at the Geomar Oceanographic Institute in Kiel, Germany, his studies were all in the Spanish public school system. Bill’s hobby is photographing insects and, since this first number of ¡Alegría! is dedicated to Granada we’ve asked him for a selection of insects from there. More…

“The Most Beautiful Place We Had Ever Seen…” Reply

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Gillian_Rizgar MoclinWhat happened after love at first sight? “What always happens,” she says. You start working to build a relationship. In our case it was not just with the people, but also the place, starting with the renovation of our new house, which was our first priority. That was a learning experience that put us in touch with all kinds of people in our new village and gave a nice impulse to our Spanish skills. Converting two village houses into one involves a lot of compromises and creativity. In the end we got what we wanted: a spacious home with indoor and outdoor living spaces, views of the castle and the surrounding countryside, as well as some proper office space, something we had always longed for. More…