Buying Property 4


On this page we’ll be talking about due diligence. Do your homework! Buying property in Spain entails a lot of paperwork and it’s all in Spanish. (And if it’s not on paper it doesn’t exist!) You’ll need a competent English-speaking Spanish lawyer, of course. How should you select one? We’ll discuss that, too, along with what you need to do before signing anything, fees, taxes, insurance, etc. We’ll include a buyer’s checklist and a glossary, too.

Here’s Spanish-law expert David Searl’s video commentaries on these subjects:


The Property Buying Checklist


Your Title Deed, the Cadastro and Occupation Certificates


“Are You Saying, David…”

That’s it for the first series of interviews with David Searl. If you liked them–and more importantly, if you learned something from them–please let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. That might inspire us to do some more!



  1. Hi, I just found your blog through the Conexion Spain Virtual trade show. I missed the live webcast, but am enjoying reading your blog. I’m a Spaniard currently living in NYC and my folks live in Madrid (Spanish father, Californian mother). They’re retired and living in Spain and the specifics that Mr. Searl details in this series of videos are VERY important. So many developers went bankrupt in the recent housing bust in Spain that new buyers should really be VERY careful when purchasing a home or land in Spain. I’m going to continue exploring your blog. Cheers! I’m on Twitter: @lftemes.

  2. I am surprised Mr Searl mentions the occupation license (cédula de habitabilidad in Spanish) because in some Autonomous communities it has been suppressed. Although substituted by other documents.
    Furthermore, please correct the spelling for CATASTRO (not cadastro). It might be useful to know that the Catastro is a PUBLIC data registrar and can be consulted online, at least for the basic information about a property. You only have to fill in the address.

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