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Contact ¡Alegría! by email here:



  1. Hola, soy Juan Peregrina: la foto de Javier Egea la tomé de la junta de Andalucía, del CAL, que es la que tienen para mostrar al hablar de la obra del poeta: no sé si es suya. La otra es del primer libro, de Serena luz del viento, que tengo en casa. SI hay algún problema, dígamelo y las retiro.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for this informative and lovely site.
    My name is Johanna and I belong to a theatre group in Alicante. We recently gathered a group of Spanish theatre folks, including Pilar Bardem, to make a video in support of Spanish theatre in these tough economic times. Perhaps you would be interested in taking a look? If you like it, perhaps you could share it with your readers? Thanks for considering it.

    Johanna Collins

    • Glad to Johanna, in the next couple of days. It’s a good cause. Best of luck with it.

      Want to know how you can help ¡Alegria! By Following us, top left of the screen on the homepage.

      All the best,

      Mike Booth

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