Explore the Flavours of Spain with This Experts’ Menu Reply

chicken chilindron Spain

Lucy Waverman writes for the Globe and Mail.com–Madrid Fusion is an intense, innovative symposium that takes place every year in the Spanish capital. Iconic Spanish and international chefs – South American chefs were part of the mix this year – take the stage to discuss new trends while performing mind-blowing cooking demos. And gastro indulgence was everywhere. I ate fat, rich anchovies and mountains of Iberian and serrano ham.

One of the major topics I found most intriguing was making vegetables the focal point of dishes. (A small amount of protein is often included.) 



Can Roca Goes on the Road Reply

Celler Can Roca

World’s Top Restaurant to Visit Houston

Greg Morago writes for the Houston Post, April 16, 2014–The Roca brothers – international culinary superstars and owners of El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain, which holds the distinction of being the world’s best restaurant – are set to rock Houston. BBVA Compass will bring the Rocas (chef Joan Roca, sommelier Josep Roca and pastry chef Jordi Roca) to Houston in August as the first stop of the Roca & Roll World Tour 2014, a partnership between the restaurant and parent company Spanish bank BBVA. Details of the tour will be announced by BBVA Compass on May 19 in Houston with Joan Roca, the eldest of the brothers and co-founder of the restaurant, in attendance. More…

Young International Chefs Immersed in Spanish Gastronomy Reply

young chefs Spain

A gastronomic tour and a tapas competition close the 6th edition of the five-month Training Program in Spanish Gastronomy, organized by ICEX, Spain, Export and Investments, where nine young chefs had the chance to learn about Spanish products and cooking techniques.

This 15-minute video offers insight into the Spanish export agency’s program of training and “culturizing” young international chefs in the flavors and techniques of Spanish cuisine. The young people who participated in the program, which included travel and hands-on cooking experience, seem to be enthusiastic converts. More…

If Spain welcomes back its Jews, will its Muslims be next? Reply

Toledo Spainb

Ashifa Kassam writes for The Guardian from Madrid, February 24, 2014–Perched dramatically on a rocky mountain, the small city of Toledo overlooks a bend in the Tagus river. Within its maze of cobblestone streets are buildings that once housed mosques, churches and synagogues, hinting at the varied cultures that once called this medieval city home. Earlier this month, about 50 miles away from Toledo, the Spanish government sought to strengthen its ties with one of these cultures, announcing plans to fast-track the naturalisation of Sephardic Jews, whose ancestors were expelled five centuries ago from Spain. Now the descendants of another group who figured prominently in Spain’s colourful past – before also being expelled – say it’s only fair that the same right of return be extended to them. More…

Michael Jacobs, 1952-2014, Loved All Things Spanish Reply

Michael JacobsThe Obsever, January 19, 2014–Last Saturday, the world lost one of its most contagious and mischievous smiles, and twinkliest but keen-sighted pair of eyes: those of the traveller, travel writer and art historian Michael Jacobs, who died of cancer, which was diagnosed last September. Public reactions in Britain to Michael’s death came mainly from travel writers. But across the Spanish and Latin American literary world – where he had been serially honoured and bestowed with awards – he was hailed and mourned as one of its own.


Spain Takes Worldwide Lead in Wind Energy Reply

Spanish wind power

Eyleen Sheil writes in the Gibraltar Chronicle, January 20, 2014–For the first time in history, wind has been the primary source of electricity in Spain for a whole year, according to a report from the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), the voice of the wind sector in Spain. This makes Spain the first country in the world to achieve this. The AEE report states that power demand coverage using wind power reached 20.9%, above other technologies including nuclear power, which came in at 20.8%.

Wind energy usage was up over 13% from the year before. On February 2, the maximum coverage of daily demand using wind power was reached, and the market price dropped to a 7.69 €/ MWh low. More…

Wild Spain with Michael Portillo – BBC Documentary 1

lammergeier quebrantahuesos

This 48-minute BBC documentary on Spanish wildlife is presented by an unlikely commentator. Michael Portillo, son of an exiled Spaniard and Scottish mother, was a Conservative government advisor who became a Thatcherite MP and cabinet minister. He left politics in 2005 to devote himself to media projects. David Attenborough he ain’t though he does a journeyman’s job of introducing some of the most interesting wildlife of his father’s home country, including the Spanish lynx, the most endangered feline species in the world with only 120-140 examples remaining. He also includes the giant lammergeier vulture that the Spanish call “quebrantahuesos,” “bone breaker,” which drops bones from a height so as to crack them and get to the marrow. Portillo’s best comment: “Picking over the bones of carrion takes me back to the House of Commons.” More…

Culinary Mingling in Basque Foodie Mecca Reply

Gastronomika Conference

Heston Blumenthal joins famous Spanish chefs

Author: Adrienne Smith/©ICEX.

The culinary conference San Sebastian Gastronomika is a meeting point for professionals in the Spanish and international food industries. It’s a summit where the most famous chefs of our time come together to share insights on culinary techniques, advances and innovations, while companies display their top-notch Spanish foods and wines. All of this happens in the presence of some of the world’s most prestigious food experts and critics. Read more on the Foods from Spain website.

A Catalan Painter’s Serendipitous Encounter with Joan Miró Reply

Joan MiroIn this 50-minute video Catalan painter, Eva Bosch, comments on the life and work of surrealist Spanish painter, sculptor, print maker and ceramicist, Joan Miró, the artist who portrayed humankind’s infantile subconscious. (Bosch interviewed Miró in 1980 when she was an undergraduate by showing up at the gate to his house in Palma and chatting up the gardener.) Born in Barcelona in 1893, Miró belonged to the generation after the great modernist architect, Antoni Gaudí, and grew up immersed in the Art Noveau atmosphere that prevailed in Catalunya–not only in architecture, but also in fine art, handicrafts, furniture design, etc.–at that time. Miró achieved worldwide recognition in Paris between 1920 and the outbreak of World War II, when he took refuge and continued creating in his mother’s home city of Palma de Mallorca.


EFE Presents Plan to Consolidate Position in Americas Reply

EFE in Americas

(EFE) – The president of Agencia EFE, Spain’s international news agency, met with Spanish lawmakers early last month to present a plan aimed at consolidating the agency’s position in the Americas even as it opens new markets in other parts of the world. The strategy is built around the idea of using EFE’s strengths, agency President Juan Antonio Vera told the parliamentary Budget Committee.

Those strengths, he said, include “brand image and credibility, our capacity for global coverage of multi-thematic content, our presence and influence in Latin America and the consolidated positioning in traditional news.”