Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown Review Reply

Almodovar West End

Taking a Spanish art house film comedy and converting it into a West End musical may seem like an act of madness but it is very much in the spirit of the work itself.

Express.co.uk–Although the first try on Broadway tanked, the writers have given it a total overhaul for its London debut and made a pretty good job of it. The stage version detaches itself from Pedro Almodóvar’s 1988 film but it retains the comic delirium and the title’s premise. Four women all in various stages of meltdown congregate in the apartment of Pepa, an ageing actress and voiceover artist whose married lover has just left her for a younger model.

Tamsin Greig is wonderfully cast as Pepa, combining the split–second timing of a professional comic with the intelligence of an actress on the verge of a major breakthrough. Her singing voice is powerful with a strident edge that may not get chairs spinning around on The Voice but is entirely appropriate for the role. Haydn Gwynne as the philanderer’s wife Lucia is every bit her equal, albeit with a better singing voice and a wonderful series of costumes which range from an ocelot coat and hat to a pink number and white patent boots.



Spanish Comedy Club Uses Facial Recognition to Charge by the Laugh Reply

Teatreneu Barcelona

Big Brother is Watching you Giggle

Ross Miller writes for The Verge.com–A comedy club in Barcelona is charging patrons per laugh. This is real, according to the BBC. The Teatreneu club, in partnership with ad agency The Cyranos McCann, has installed tablets on the back of each seat equipped with facial recognition software that can apparently detect when you laugh. The going rate is 0.30 Euros ($0.38) per laugh, up to a maximum of 24 Euros ($30.45). In other words, buy 80 laughs and the rest are free.

The system was reportedly intended to be used as an experiment / case study and then successfully raised the average ticket price. It is now, again according to the BBC, being “copied in other theaters around Spain.” (I repeat out of incredulity, not mistrust: Europa Press covered the debut in April.) This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in a comedy club, and let me be clear, comedy clubs aren’t pretty places.


Arcola Theatre Kicks Off Spanish Golden Age Season Reply

Arcola Golden AgeBroadway World.com, New York, January 9, 2014–Arcola Theatre is delighted to present the Spanish Golden Age Season, a repertory season celebrating one of the most prolific periods in the history of Spanish theatre and art, from 9 January to Saturday 15 March 2014. On sale now. Tickets are £16 – £18 (£12 – £14 consessions), Previews are £14, and Pay What You Can Tuesdays. The Box Ofice can be reached at www.arcolatheatre.com. More…

An Appeal to Help Launch International Brigades Theatrical Homage Reply

International BrigadesThis email was forwarded to us by British journalist, publisher, and old Spain hand, David Baird. Goodbye Barcelona is a theatrical homage to the International Brigades that took to Spain in 1936 the first volunteer soldiers to confront fascism in Europe in the Spanish Civil War. They came from virtually all over the world and a lot of them stayed here–in cemeteries and common graves. More…

Merida’s International Classical Theater Festival 2013 Reply

Spanish Culture on Summer Nights in a Roman Theater

theater festival MeridaMérida is a provincial city in the east central part of Spain that conserves the country’s finest collection of Roman ruins, including an impressive amphitheater where they celebrate an annual summer theater festival. If you saw Ridley Scott’s Gladiator Mérida is where the Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) made his home. More…

Time Flies When You’re Having a Good Time! Reply

Palace Aranjuez

See  if you don’t enjoy this four-and-a-half -minute timelapse video that offers quick glimpses of aspects of  Spanish culture. You’ll see architecture, theatre, museums, music and dance, ancient monuments, and painting . This video covers a lot of ground, but it will whet your appetite.  The day-to-night time lapses are particularly evocative. More…