Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine Reopens March 2015 Reply

Abadia la Retuerta

With impressive momentum of first Michelin Star and new Spa and guest rooms coming July.

Travel Daily News.com, SARDON DE DUERO, SPAIN – Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine, the newly restored, historic hotel located in a 12th century abbey surrounded by vineyards in Spain’s Duero winegrowing region, will reopen March 2nd with impressive momentum for a successful 2015 and beyond – driven by earning its first Michelin Star, the addition of a world-class spa and eight exquisite new guest rooms slated to open in July, and crafting specialty guest experiences such as mushroom foraging on the hotel’s medieval estate.

“Our vision for LeDomaine from the beginning has been to create a hotel that stands apart for its combination of historic atmosphere and precedent-setting guest facilities and experiences, and all of the components of this extraordinary property are coming together,” said Andres Araya, Managing Director. LeDomaine has announced that when it re-opens in March, after closing for three months for the holidays and to accelerate construction of the spa and guest rooms, it will offer a starting room rate in 2015 of $415 as well as a variety of packages including spa, gourmet, romance and special guest experience programs that take advantage of the diversity of the local terrain. On the ‘Mycological Experience,’ guests hunt for wild mushrooms in local forests and dine on gourmet dishes prepared with the freshly picked fungi.



Spain Is World’s Top Exporter of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Reply

Spanish cherries export

Fresh Plaza.com–Spain is the world’s main exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2013 the Spanish export had a value of 10.5 billion Euro. This meant that Spain had a share of 13% in the total border crossing traffic of fresh fruits and vegetables. Last year Spain was number one in value for both fruits and vegetables worldwide. Spain knocked the Netherlands from pole position in fresh vegetables. As far as amounts are concerned Spain is the top fresh fruit exporters, with a volume of 7.2 million tonnes last year. In fresh vegetables Spain is third on the list, after Mexico and China (both 4.8 million tonnes) with an export of 4.4 million tonnes. Just ahead of the Netherlands with a (re)export of 4.3 million tonnes.

The amount of fresh fruits and vegetables traded internationally is still increasing. To around 110 million tonnes last year. Ten years ago this was still 80 million tonnes. The share of Spain was 11% in 2004, decreasing over the next few years to under 10% but then rising back to 11%. The global trade in fresh fruit has grown from 55 to 75 million tonnes in ten years. The share of Spain in this was in 10% in 2004, dropping and rising back to 11% after this.