Rick Stein’s Food Paradise Spain 1/4 Reply

Rick Stein Spain

British chef, restaurant owner and culinary media star presents the best series we have seen on authentic Spanish food. It might have been called “Spanish food without liquid nitrogen.” It’s four insightful and delightful hour-long chapters, so you’d be advised to mix yourself a drink, put your feet up and enjoy it to the full. Here’s the first one:


Spanish Miners Fight for Survival Reply

Asturian coal miners

The landscape of northern Spain’s Turon Valley is littered with abandoned mines. As the industry which once sustained them dwindles, locals are concerned about what will become of their culture and way of life.

Natalio Cosoy writes for BBC.com–Felipe Buron cuts a lone figure as he walks the worn woodland paths that wind past the old pits. “You need to realise that coal mining goes back many generations,” the former miner says. “The rivers were black… the sky was black with coal powder. That was life. We didn’t know anything else.”

Coal dust no longer blackens the Turon countryside – and what was once a way of life is now a rapidly receding memory.


Try Rock Climbing in Asturias Reply

climbing Asturias

Though climbing in Asturias is relatively unknown internationally the mountainous nature of the landscape here lends itself perfectly to rock climbing and is an excellent choice for serious climbers from all over the world. The local Spanish climbers have been very busy over the past few decades bolting and developing many of the crags and now there are hundreds of routes to choose from. Climbers have it all in Asturias, from easy learning-grade climbs to the hair-raising multi-pitch routes of Naranjo De Bulnes (Picu Urriellu) in the Picos de Europa, one of the most difficult climbs in Europe. Every type of climbing is catered for and there are plenty of facilities on offer for climbers visiting the region. More…

Baroque Music Group Takes Oviedo – Forma Antiqva 1

Forma Antigva

Forma Antiqva is a Baroque music ensemble based in Oviedo. At the core of the group are the brothers Zapico who herald from the mining district of Langreo in AsturiasThe classically trained brothers Pablo, Daniel and Aarón founded Forma Antiqva 10 years ago and since then have been nominated for many honors, including the International Classical Music Awards. More…

Let’s Pay Homage to the Gochu Asturcelta Reply

gochu asturceltaThe Spanish from all the regions are devoted to their own autoctonous pigs and the Asturians are no exception. In 2002 a campaign was started to protect an almost-extinct Asturian breed of swine called Gochu Asturcelta or the Asturian Celtic pig. Since then its numbers have risen gradually and thanks to a few passionate farmers and breeders, the Gochu Asturcelta is now a common sight–and taste–throughout Asturias. In this video we’re going to see how to roast one in an underground pit and feast on it with friends. More…

Sense Attack! – Autumn in Asturias Reply

Asturias in autumn

After a long summer of sun drenched days, the autumn has brought with it what must be one of the most spectacular autumns we have ever seen here at Where Is Asturias. In autumn the mountain valleys are awash with reds and yellows as the wild oak and chestnut trees prepare for another winter and the local folk are busy doing the same, laying in firewood and making homespun pork products and cider. No matter how familiar you are with the Asturian landscape and folk customs they will never fail to delight you.


Tuna Fishing on Asturian Coast Reply

tuna fishing Asturias

Every aspect of life in Asturias is influenced by the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) from its unique weather patterns and temperate climate to industry, food and more recently, tourism and leisure.Asturias has an extensive coastline with many beautiful beaches and fishing towns to explore. It also has an incredible network of rivers meandering through the mountainous landscapes and washing nutrients and food into the sea which creates a frenzy of sea life and makes Asturias a fishing enthusiast’s dream.

Boat rental is available from the marinas of Gijon or Aviles and prices vary from boat to boat. More…

Slow Roasting Lamb on an Asturian Mountaintop 1

Asturian lamb roast

Without a doubt, the festival of roast lamb (Cordero a la Estaca) is one on the finest al fresco eating experiences there is. Up high on a mountaintop meadow, the cooks light the fires early in the morning and constantly top them up with ash firewood  creating a slow burning pit of embers ideal for cooking whole splayed lamb for six hours or more.The result is a succulent “cooked to perfection” meat with a delicious Smokey flavor from the ash wood and a wonderful added taste from the homemade chimichurri (a mix of herbs, garlic, vinegar, white wine and olive oil) which is squirted into the meat just before the end of the cooking process.

This method of preparing lamb can be found throughout the region of Asturias during the summer with many towns hosting their own festival and is open to anyone wishing to try it. There are also many restaurants that offer “Cordero a la Estaca” throughout the year but you will have to pre-order the dish as it involves a lot of preparation. More…