What’s this Site About? 6

¡Alegría! Is Spanish for Joy!

Pre-school class in an Andalusian village

This is the future of Spain.

Alegria, The Joy of Spanish Living is an English-language magazine about Spanish culture and lifestyles. What is unique about ¡Alegría! is its underlying objective and the way we have set out to achieve it. This is a magazine designed to tempt English-speaking people from around the world to get to know Spain better and eventually to make their homes here.

¡Alegria! Has a Low Key Commercial Approach

Alegría’s commercial approach is non-intrusive. In the main menu at the top of the pages is an alluring tab that says, “Looking for a Home?” There you will find a series of pages with home-buying advice, legal guidance, and advertisements from reliable sellers. The introductory article in this section is a fictional account of a British couple who are yearning to move to Spain and change to a better lifestyle. Anybody  who lives north of the 50th parallel—a line that runs roughly through London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt,  Prague, Voronezh in Russia, as well as all of southern Canada and northern U.S.A.—should identify with that story.

What Are You Seeking, a New House or a New Life?

Our view is that people who are considering coming to Spain to live are looking for more than just a house. They’re looking for a new life. Before they make the decision they’re entitled to all sorts of information about the country of their dreams. Whether they’re single, young families, distance workers, artists, writers, journalists or retirees, they want to know what their lifestyle possibilities are in Spain. What are high spots and possible problems? How can they participate in some of Spain’s special delights? How have other people like them gone about it? This is where ¡Alegria! comes in. We take them on a voyage to Spanish Spain and introduce them to people, places and customs that tourists seldom experience. We also introduce them to people from their own countries who are living in Spain successfully.

We Are at Your Service

We see ourselves as a service magazine. We serve the millions of English-speaking people from all over the world who dream the Mediterranean dream. And we hope to serve Spain, as well. They have a million or so homes for sale.

Alegria’s Founder and Publisher

American-born ¡Alegria! founder, editor and publisher, Mike Booth, has lived in Spain since 1968 and was granted Spanish citizenship in 1983. Before creating ¡Alegria! in December of 2012 Booth had worked in journalism, public relations, Internet publishing and the wine and technology sectors. Here’s a link to an abbreviated version of his story: https://alegriaonline.net/2013/06/26/its-about-loving-spanish-spain-12/



  1. This is an amazing magazine. It really shows you the essence of a wonderful country like Spain. Fantastic job and I will get the next flight to Spain!!

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