Madrid Fusión Shines Light on Spanish Olive Oil Reply

Madrid Fusion 2015

Olive Oil, Madrid Fusión 2015–Spain’s prestigious culinary event, conducted three days of creative showcases, culinary demonstrations and presentations in Madrid recently. From center stage presentations by world-class chefs and educational classroom tastings to a multitude of varietals on display from around the country and a juried cooking competition, the show demonstrated that extra virgin olive oils from Spain continue to gain greater appreciation among those most familiar with the ingredient.

On the conference’s first day, extra virgin olive oil was center stage with chef María José San Román’s presentation “Un Aceite Para Cada Plato” (An Oil for Every Dish). While the chef’s presentation was the only olive-oil centric demonstration, many other chefs showcased the value of olive oil in their creations throughout the 3-day event. Chef Dani Garcia wowed the audience with his presentation Texturas Helada, featuring olive oil-based savory ice cream creations with truffle and Michelin 3-star chef Pedro Subijana demonstrated liberal use of extra virgin olive oil in his Bekarki menu from Akelare.


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Madrid Fusion 2015


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