The Relentless Vision of an Old Spanish Anarchist Reply

Spanish Civil War

Huffington–Federico Arcos — “Fede” as he’s known — is 94 years old and currently in a Windsor, Ontario, hospital recovering from a recent heart attack. Federico, an anarcho-syndicalist, is a living link to one of history’s Federico Arc osmost remarkable episodes, the Spanish Civil War, and one of the most remarkable stories within this history: How the Spanish Anarchists, with a sizable following, were able to run a number of towns, villages, agrarian collectives and the entire city of Barcelona along anarchist lines, subscribing to anti-authoritarian principles. It didn’t last long — barely a year and wasn’t entirely successful — but it demonstrated some possibilities: If you removed the coercion inherent in any modern state (for example, cops) folks wouldn’t necessarily be at each others throat.

Federico Arcos anarchist


Anarchism developed during the nineteenth century and became a major movement during the First International (1866) and afterwards. In fact, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Mikhail Bakunin, according to some historians, were better known at the time than rivals Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Many of the labor movements in Europe – France, Italy and Spain — were founded and nurtured by anarchists.

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Spanish anarchists Zaragoza


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