Former Spanish King Faces Paternity Suit Reply

Royal paternity suits

Ingrid Jeanne Sartiau and Alberto Solá Jiménez, alleged illegitimate offspring of ex-Spanish king

A court will study a paternity lawsuit brought against the former King of Spain–Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, 77, will face a paternity lawsuit — by a Belgian woman alleging that he’s her father — before the nation’s Supreme Court, a 12-judge panel ruled Wednesday. The court accepted the case for study, two court spokeswomen told CNN. The royal household affirmed its “respect” for judicial decisions but declined further comment.

The plaintiff is Ingrid Sartiau, 48, who lives near Brussels. Sartiau alleges that her mother and the married Juan Carlos had a relationship in late 1965, and she was born, as a result, in August 1966, said her attorney, Jaume Pararols. He became Spain’s King and head of state in 1975 after the death of the dictator Francisco Franco. Juan Carlos abdicated in June in favor of his son, King Felipe VI, who was born in 1968. While the court agreed to take Sartiau’s claim for study, it rejected a separate paternity suit against the former King brought by a Spanish man.


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King Juan Carlos


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