Homeless Tours Reveal a Hidden Side of Barcelona Reply

homeless tours Barcelona

Ann Sewell writes for All Voices.com–Barcelona in Spain is an emblematic and popular city for tourists, but it also has a hidden side – homeless people living on its streets. Ramón Holgado, 64, was homeless. He used to sleep on the streets. But this Christmas he decided to improve his plight, and now takes visitors to Barcelona on homeless-themed tours of the streets in which he used to merely exist. He tells tourists the history of the city and shows them some of the popular spots, but Holgado also gives visitors an insight into what the economic crisis has done to this emblematic city. He shows them examples of the poverty residents are suffering through and introduces them to the homeless of Barcelona.

Holgado has an interesting history, as he was previously a chef in a posh New York City restaurant. He decided to return home to Spain but after losing his father and brother and suffering a breakdown, ended up on the streets. He explains how one is constantly exposed to thieves, addicts and other homeless people on the streets and can so easily sink into a rut that’s difficult to climb out of. But he managed to scrape together enough money to share a small rented apartment and hopes to live a better life.


Read more on All Voices.com: Homeless Tours Reveal Hidden Side of Barcelona


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