Putin, Luxury Wine Producer in Spain Reply

Hacienda Putin Spain

Christian Gysin writes for the Daily Mail.co.uk–Russian president Vladimir Putin can now toast his own success on the international stage – after planting a vineyard in the grounds of a stunning Spanish mansion he has reportedly bought and developed for some £15 million. Putin’s grand home near Marbella is in the Malaga pueblo of Benahavis and comes complete with stunning northern views of the Serrania de Ronda mountain range.

Meanwhile, to the south the wealthy Russian leader can enjoy an unspoilt Andalusian outlook across the Mediterranean sea towards both Gibraltar and the coast of North Africa. Putin – who has always revelled in his hard-man bare-chested ‘hunter’ image – has clearly now decided he might enjoy the finer things in life. For the Daily Mail has learned that the 62-year-old insisted on 25 vines from the top Burgos-based Bodega ‘Pingus’ – some 500 miles from the Costa del Sol – to be planted into a series of sun-soaked terraces surrounding his new mansion high in the Marbella Hills. The Russian President is understood to have hired the famous Valladolid province vineyard owner – Danish oenologist Peter Sisseck – to oversee both the production of the wine and the later bottling process.



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