Clive Martin for Eye-biza Almost Finishes Me Off Reply

Ibiza fun lovers

The Spanish text that accompanies the video refers to “a vacation destination for Anglo-Saxons avid for sunshine and venereal diseases…” The presenter refers, inevitably, to the Ibizan club scene, as “Sodom and Gomorrah,” but it seems to us that this version of Ibiza is to the biblical S&G what Walmart is to Harrods.–Clive Martin presents this video as part of the VICE/THUMP Big Night Out series. For some reason he refers to Ibiza as “Eye-biza,” a detail which sets the tone for the whole show. Ostensibly a program about night life on the Spanish island of Ibiza, this half-hour documentary is also a light-weight anthropological study of the colorful young British adepts of “clubbing,” not as in clubbing baby seals but as in dance clubs promoted by roving troupes of costumed (and not-so costumed) shills called “promo girls.”

It seems that coming-of-age rituals have evolved since Margaret Mead’s Samoan studies. Recent developments in Ibiza include fellatio bars (recently banned) and a vast selection of psychotropic drugs so rich and varied, and so innovative that some of them are actually not yet illegal.


Ibiza boy dancers

Here’s the link to the video on Eye-biza Almost Finishes Me Off



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