Living in a Cave in Rural Granada Reply

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Andrew Allen writes for NY, BAZA, Spain — It was a desire to experience what Danielle Dupeux called a more “primordial” way of living that prompted her and her husband to create a cave house in rural Granada. Primordial it may be, but it is hardly cramped. The house sprawls across more than 800 square meters, about 8,600 square feet, on two levels underground. Ms. Dupeux, an artist and a native of France, and her husband, Andre Malby, an alternative-medicine practitioner, were already living in southern Spain when Mr. Malby convinced his wife that they should look for a cave house.

While such dwellings exist throughout Europe, they are particularly common — and in demand — in Granada Province. A 2007 report by the provincial government, the most recent official tally available, said that in 2002, there were 11,795 such properties in the province and 5,838 of them were occupied.


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