At Spanish African Enclave, a Debate Over What Makes a Border Reply

Spain Border Melilla

Raphael Minder writes for the NY, MELILLA, Spain — By now, the images of African migrants sitting astride the fences that separate Moroccan and Spanish territory here — one of only two land borders between Europe and Africa — have become familiar the world over.

Desperate to find a way into Europe, the migrants camp in the Moroccan wilderness and plot how to scale the barricades, sometimes rushing them by the hundreds. About 14,000 migrants have tried to scale the fences this year, and 2,000 have succeeded. The Spanish authorities have taken increasingly elaborate steps to fortify the fences, even covering them in mesh. The migrants in turn have driven screws into their shoes or bent metal rods into hooks, for better climbing.


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Migrant camp Melilla

Migrant camp on the Moroccan side of the border.


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