The Punt: Spanish Bubbles Cause Trouble Reply

Freixenet Chrismas ad

When is a booze ad not a booze ad? When it is a coded political message urging Catalans and Spaniards to stick together, apparently. In any case, secession politics have never been so amusing–That’s the theory anyway.

Cava-maker Freixenet’s annual Christmas advertising campaign is by all accounts as much a feature of the Spanish festive season as the Budweiser Clydesdales are in the U.S. This year’s special will run from December 9 and features showgirls in skimpy gold outfits tap dancing to a tune called ‘Closer Tonight’.

Ostensibly the ad celebrates the heritage of the brand and its century-long relationship with customers, calling for 100 more “years together”. It’s that line, and pop singer David Bisbal crooning about how he “hates to say goodbye”, that has seen the extravaganza being viewed as a plea for Spanish unity in a time when secessionist tendencies in Catalonia – which is home to the cava industry – are running feverishly high.


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