Introducing Spain’s Rueda Wine Route Reply

Rueda wine Spain

The Rueda Wine Route is located in the heart of Castile and extends across the left bank of the Duoro River. This route includes part of the provinces of Valladolid and Ávila and consists of 13 towns which offer the touristic and historic wealth of this wine region par excellence. The weather conditions and the characteristics of its land make this area ideal for vine cultivation —especially for the native Verdejo grape called—, and give an inimitable personality to its wines. Its wine origins date from the 11th century and until today conscientious wine production has imparted a culture and a tradition to this land, artistic life and gastronomy.

History has left a significant architectural legacy along the Rueda Wine Route. We can find old Mudejar and Renaissance churches, convents and monasteries or Fortress-Castles such as La Mota Castle in Medina del Campo, which tell us of thousands of battles waged in Castile and the political-economic importance of this territory in earlier times, especially under the figure of Elizabeth the Catholic. Our grandmothers’ cooking, prepared with love, continues to the present day in a renewed way. The innovation is joined with tradition to make the best from premium ingredients. Try the roast lamb or the sucking pig, both roast in wood stove, the lentils of La Armuña, the chickpeas of Fuentesaúco or the wild mushrooms which autumn offers us.


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Ruta Vino Rueda



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