Baqueira Beret, Spain: Is This the World’s Best Ski Resort? Reply

Baqueira Beret Spain

Seasoned skier Peter Hardy has travelled far and wide to find his Eldorado: Baqueira Beret in Spain

I’ve spent rather more than half a lifetime looking for the perfect ski resort. Last winter, to my intense surprise, I found it – in, of all places – the Spanish Pyrenees. Baqueira Beret, still almost unknown to British skiers, is fit for a king. Indeed, King Juan Carlos has a sumptuous holiday home here. He no longer skis himself, but members of the Spanish royal family make use of it on high-season dates and most weekends.

The journey to reach this revelation about Baqueira has taken me to more than 500 resorts in 20 countries. Inevitably, I’m frequently asked which is the best. My stock answer is that on any particular day it can be anywhere you happen to find yourself. But “best” begs the questions “best for what?”, along with “best for whom?” Best depends not only on your standard of skiing, but also on what you are personally looking for in a holiday.


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Ski Baqueira Beret


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