The Spanish Armada: History, Facts & Timeline Reply

Spanish Armada–The 1500s were the beginning of the age of ships. They sailed across the world, trading spices and moving armies. Ships meant wealth. Wealth meant pirates and wars.The Spanish Armada was a massive fleet of 130 ships assembled by Spain to attack and overthrow England in 1588. The move started the Spanish-Anglo war, marking the beginning of English naval dominance of the Atlantic.

When Spain conquered the New World in the early 1500s, immense wealth from gold, silver, and spices flowed into the Spanish Empire. Ruling Spain was Charles V. He was the first King of a unified Spain, monarch of the Netherlands from his grandfather, and in 1519 crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope and charged with protecting the Catholic faith. He passed Spain and the Netherlands on to his son, Philip II, who married Mary Tudor of England and became co-monarch of that country with his wife, restoring Catholicism to the Protestant kingdom. When Mary died in 1558, her Protestant sister, Elizabeth Tudor, became the Queen of England. Philip, back in Spain, lost his claim to England.


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 Spanish Armada Galleas


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