Spanish Chef Ferran Adrià’s Academia Reply

Ferran Adria chef

The world famous chef visits Las Vegas to support Estrella Damm beer, unfolds global culinary education agenda

Vegas–Listening to Ferran Adrià speak to a packed house at Bazaar Meat in SLS Las Vegas on September 11, I felt as though I should be taking notes. The legendary Spanish chef was delivering a lecture entitled Creativity in the Art of Food at his first public Las Vegas appearance, presented by Spanish beer company Estrella Damm. But Adrià, who recently signed on as a spokesman for the brand, clearly wasn’t in Las Vegas to shill beer.

Speaking through an interpreter for close to two hours, he seemed intent on re-defining the way in which we as a society think of food, tackling such diverse topics as the vocabulary we use to describe food to the way major developments in human history have affected what we eat.


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Ferran Adria Vegas

Tres amigos: José Andrés, Larry Ruvo and Ferran Adrià


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