Barcelona Doctors Believe They’ve Found Cure for AIDS Virus Reply

AIDS treatment Barcelona

Nicole Akoukou Thompson writes for Latin–Spanish doctors in Barcelona believe they’ve found the cure to HIV. By using blood transplants from the umbilical cords of individuals with a genetic resistance to HIV, Spanish medical professionals believe they can best the AIDS-causing virus. The procedure has already been successful, “curing” a patient in just three months.

Five years ago, an infected 37-year-old man from Barcelona began receiving a transplant of blood from an umbilical cord, and he was cured. Unfortunately, the man died of cancer just three years later, after developing lymphoma. Nonetheless, the Spanish medical team involved remain committed to the technique, and they consider their work to be a breakthrough in the battle against HIV and related conditions, according to the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo.

According to Spanish news site The Local, the CCR5 Delta 35 mutation affects a protein in white blood cells, and it provides an estimated 1 percent human population with heightened resistance to HIV infection. Following cancer treatment, the HIV virus also disappeared for Timothy Brown, an HIV patient who developed leukaemia before receiving experimental treatment in Berlin. He was the initial subject for the technique, and he was given bone marrow from a donor who carried resistance to mutation from HIV.


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AIDS virus Barcelona


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