Cuenca and Its (Yummy) Delights Reply

Cuenca cliff houses

All This and Chocolate con Churros, Too

Natalie Rose writes for–I’d forgotten how good chocolate is. And sugar. Sugar is damn good too. That is, until this moment. I’m sitting in one of many picturesque plazas in Cuenca, Spain, shoveling thick, rich chocolate into my mouth by way of a crunchy churro spoon. It’s sinfully good—not like American hot chocolate but more like liquid dark fudge-and my memory is easily jogged. I tell myself I will never eat a cold, day-old churro bought from a vendor on the Union Square subway platform ever again. Nothing compares to churros in Spain, and the New York setting could never compete. This morning the May sun seeps through the trees and Spain’s hot summer temperatures have yet to set in. As I munch I watch suited-up Spanish citizens walk leisurely through the square, shifting their briefcases from one hand to the other. Occasionally I lick chocolate or sugar off my fingers.

When you visit Cuenca (pronounced KWEN-ka) it will likely be as a recovery stopover. You’ve partied hard in Madrid, as I have, and you need to give your liver a break before heading to Valencia and Barcelona, as I do. I don’t really have a plan but Cuenca is exactly the type of place to land without a plan. Unlike its sister cities to the north, east and west (Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia), Cuenca is small, completely manageable on foot and boasts a small but unique list of sites and museums to visit.



Cuenca colorful houses


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