Galicia, Spain: A Culinary Walk along the Celtic Camino Reply

Celtic Camino Spain

Tamasin Day-Lewis and her daughter pace themselves as they tackle the rugged challenge of Galicia’s Celtic Camino–To be a pilgrim walking the Celtic Camino in Galicia, you need to be in possession of two essentials: a pair of magic boots and an appetite for shellfish. Heading up through the woods above the fingers of the north-west Spanish coastline in May, the air is brisk with breeze, but when the rain comes down as all-penetrating as the Irish mizzle, no overnight dehumidifier un-dampens your sodden walking boots. Part of the pilgrim’s penance: you have to put them back on in the morning and pray for a fine day.

My daughter Miranda and I have flown to Santiago de Compostela to walk 100km of the Celtic Camino over five days, starting in Noia, renowned for its shellfish harvested in the nearby rias – inlets – since it became a fishing village more than 1,000 years ago. It is Sunday, and apart from two cafés on the wide square brimmed by the medieval church of San Martino, nothing is open but the Tasca Tipica.


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Razor clams Galicia


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