Ibiza’s Best Restaurants Reply

Dining in Ibiza

Actually It All Depends on How You Define “Best Restaurant”

Holly McQueen writes for A Luxury Travel Blog.com–I have recently been exploring the island of Ibiza, and the foodie that I am, love to mix any opportunity to experience the new ‘it’ restaurant, chef or hang out. Ibiza, famous for its DJ’s, parties and VIP guest lists and now, home to the world’s most expensive restaurant. Welcome to the golden steps of gourmet heaven where I explore the top 4 restaurants in Ibiza:

Leading the way this week is SubliMotion which was in the news recently for being the most expensive restaurant experience ever, if you want to try this restaurant, I recommend booking a table in advance, possibly upon (or even before) your villa confirmation, this restaurant is so exclusive it is only prepared to serve 12 clients per night. SubliMotion at La Playa d’en Bossa is located at the Hard Rock Hotel, new hotel in Ibiza. The chef of the restaurant is the famous Michelin starred chef Paco Roncero.


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Hacienda na Xamena


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