Estrella Damm #mediterráneamente – Love of Lesbian Reply

This is a three-minute made-for-the-Web commercial for a Spanish beer brand. But it’s so attractive and so engaging that we can’t resist publishing it. It’s about beautiful semi-nude boys and girls gamboling around campfires and solitary beaches, accompanied by the music of a Catalan group that has chosen its name to attract your attention. But this video goes beyond merely selling beer. At its best it portrays a part of Spain’s unique attractiveness both for the Spanish themselves and their foreign visitors: Spain’s light-heartedness, its sense of fun, its prodigious food and drink. In short, it’s about having Spanish-style good times in beautiful Spanish places.

Their hashtag for this video is #Mediterréamente – Mediterraneanly. We have lived versions of a lot of these moments. They’re for real.

Now see the video.



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