Ebola: Cured Spanish Nurse Teresa Romero Recounts Illness Reply

Teresa Romero1

The Spanish nurse who became the first person known to have contracted Ebola outside West Africa in the latest outbreak has given an emotional account of her ordeal as she left hospital.

BBC.com, Madrid–Teresa Romero said she had clung to memories of family when she thought she was dying and still does not know how she caught the disease. She had treated two returning Spanish missionaries who later died. She vowed to donate blood to other Ebola victims until she “ran dry”. But in her first press conference after being discharged from the Carlos III hospital, she also condemned Spanish officials for putting down her dog. She said they had unnecessarily “executed” the mixed breed Excalibur.

On her release from hospital, an emotional Ms Romero, 44, read a statement, saying: “When I felt I was dying I would cling to my memories, to my family and my husband, I was isolated and I did not have any contact with the exterior except with (husband) Javier by telephone.” She said she felt the disease “did not matter to the Western world until there was an infection here”. She added: “I don’t know what failed, or if anything failed. I just know that I don’t hold any grudges.” Ms Romero recovered after being given a variety of treatments including blood plasma from survivor Paciencia Melgar. Ms Romero said that she wanted to meet the nun and “give her a big hug”. “I can never be grateful enough,” she said.


Read more on BBC.com: Spanish Nurse Recounts Ebola Treatment

Teresa Romero cured


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