How Britain Got the Taste for Tapas Reply

British tapas trend

From paella to patatas bravas, millions are tucking into their favourite holiday food at home–The weather may not be at its best in Britain at the moment, but that’s even more reason to bring our sunshine holidays home with us — in the form of Spanish food. Supermarket tapas ranges have become ever more popular, with many retailers seeing sales rises of up to 40 per cent year on year.  According to retail analysts Mintel, 74 per cent of us say it is worth going to Spain specifically for the food and the wine — so perhaps it is unsurprising that we now want to enjoy it at home, too.

Tesco report that this year we have bought 30 per cent more tapas foods than last year, and as a direct result of the popularity of Spanish tapas, they have introduced a new range of similar products from Italy, Greece, Morroco and the Middle East, called the Al Fresco range. At M&S, their Spanish tapas meat selection sales are up 50 per cent, with a 30 per cent  rise across their tapas and Spanish food range. M&S Spanish food buyer Charlotte Craddock says: ‘We’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of Spanish foods recently, and our customers love chorizo. In fact, the most popular line in our continental cured meats range is the chorizo ring, which is great for adding to paellas and stew.”


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 tapas in Britain


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