Arizona Rescue Group Helps Save Horses, History Reply

Monero mustangs

This story is only marginally related to Spain, as it was the Spanish who introduced horses to the Americas, but we liked it and hope you will, too.

Text and photos by Jeannie Applegate for the Green Valley News–A rescue group south of Green Valley, Arizona is helping save some special Mustangs, and could be preserving history as well. In July, seven mares and their seven foals arrived at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary. The horses, known as Monero Mustangs, are part of a herd of about 130 that recently lost their protected rangeland home in New Mexico and were in danger of going to slaughter. The Monero Mustangs are direct descendents of America’s most historic mustangs, including Spanish horses, Indian ponies and early cavalry mounts that once roamed the American West in great numbers.


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Need horsey nostalgia? Start with these clips from The Misfits.

Monero Mustangs refuge


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