New Zealand: How to Make a Spanish Omelette Reply

Spanish courgette omelette–Carmen Aliberch married a New Zealander and came to live here in 1995. Although she was born in Madrid, she and her sister grew up in Tarrega, a village in Catalonia. Her grandmother, Conchita, taught her and her sister, Isabel, to cook by treating them as apprentices, she said with a laugh.

She taught them how to use smell and sound as well as sight, taste and touch to judge how something was cooking and when it was done. Grandma was queen of omelettes and could make one out of anything, but always said her zucchini omelette was the best in the world.


Read more and see the video on How to Make a Spanish Omelette

You can flip a Spanish omelette by inverting the pan with a plate over it:

Spanish tortilla flip

Or risk Karlos Arguiñano’s death-defying mid-air flip:

Arguinano tortilla flip


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