Why a Little Economic Growth Won’t See an End to the Pain in Spain Reply

Invisibles Tetuan Spain

Politicians hail signs of economic recovery, but others foresee little change for the country’s jobless millions

Ashifa Kassam writes for The Guardian.com–Just streets away from Madrid’s only three-Michelin-starred restaurant, peeling buildings in the city’s Tetuán neighbourhood have been plastered with posters featuring the faces of five women. Placed at eye level, each a few yards apart, the women’s portraits are accompanied by descriptions of their situation.

“I’m one of the 23,000 people in Tetuán who has to decide between eating or paying the bills,” reads one poster. “My daughters and grandchildren barely get by on my €600-a-month pension,” reads another. The Invisibles of Tetuán campaign was dreamed up by local activists after city officials disagreed with them over the need for a community food bank.


Read more on Guardian.com: Why a little economic growth won’t see an end to the pain in Spain

Do you read Spanish? You might like to have a look at La Enredadera de Tetuán, one of the online voices of the Tetuán militants.

Invisibles Tetuan Spain


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