The Marvel of Spain’s Iron Man Reply

Xavier Mascaro

Xavier Mascaró’s sculptures are eerie, timeless and evocative – do catch them at the Saatchi Gallery this autumn, says Alastair Smart.–I know that, according to one recent survey, there’s a whole generation of British schoolchildren growing up believing that the Spanish Armada is a type of tapas. Yet, for those of us raised with the year 1588 etched in our national collective memory, a new sculpture show at the Saatchi Gallery should prove evocative.

For, Spanish artist Xavier Mascaró will exhibit a fleet of 20-plus iron boats, ranging in size from what look like small caravels to works, 18ft long, that resemble Philip II’s great galleons. They’re depopulated, rusting, and more precisely skeletal frames of ships than ships themselves – like wrecks discovered by divers after four centuries at the bottom of the English Channel.


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Xavier Mascaro


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