Baby Giant Bustards Reared in UK from Spanish Eggs Reply

great bustard chicks, Wiltshire, UK–The team of people who are reintroducing a giant bird to Wiltshire say they are going to step up their programme. A ten-year trial to bring Great Bustard (in Spanish avutarda) chicks to Salisbury Plain has ended – now they are going to increase the number of birds they rear there. Until now the chicks were brought from Russia, but now they’ve discovered the Spanish species is actually more like our native one that was killed off nearly two hundred years ago. Dr. Paul O’Donoghue of the University of Chester undertook a genetic comparison of European Great Bustard populations. He discovered that, contrary to the previously held belief, the Great Bustards in Spain form the closest living population of Great Bustards to the original UK population before its extinction.




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Spanish great bustards


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