Fighting Bull Beef: ‘The Most Ecological Meat in the World’ Reply

Fighting beef graph

In Spain, meat from fighting bulls is experiencing a resurgence – and its adherents argue that it comes from happier, healthier cattle than commercial beef. Would you eat the byproduct of a bullfight?

The–La Pepona is one of Seville’s most exciting new tapas bars. It is light, airy and trendy, offering natural Andalusian wines and local olive oil. It is, perhaps, not the sort of place you would expect to find such traditional dishes as ragout de toro de lidia – slow-cooked fighting bull meat. But there it is, atop a bed of lightly truffled parmentier. In Spain, as in many parts of the world, he maintains: “Most beef cattle are killed within a year and a half of birth; their diet is very forced, being designed to make them grow unnaturally fast; and they live in very cramped conditions.”


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