Authentic El Bierzo Wines Achieve International Projection Reply

Bierzo vineyards Spain

Rosa María González Lamas writes for Foods from–Autóctona del Bierzo, a winery association from the Bierzo DOP works on a new stage of its campaign “Authentic Bierzo”, a promotional effort that pretends to expand and strengthen the presence of Bierzo wines in the United States highlighting the unique landscapes, the indigenous flavors of Mencía and Godello grapes and their very old vines of origin, and the authenticity and singularity of Bierzo wines as quality products. The Association works in conjuction with the Bierzo DOP Regulatory Council.

This new stage is based on developing a new web site for the US market to be launched by mid-2014, and on capitalizing in social networks to promote the wines from Bierzo in America. As part of the new web site, a comprehensive catalogue of the wineries’ portfolios will be available online, offering  information about these, images, export contacts and other key wine and winery information, framed to also reflect the essence and history of the Bierzo wine region so that Americans can be attracted to its wines.


Read more on Foods from,9459,35868_6863776_6912650_4735889_0,00.html

Here’s the first video of the Authentic series, a look at the past from ancient times of the Mencía grape by two Bierzo winemakers:

Another look at the wines of El Bierzo from Eric Asimov last year in the NY Times: Beguiling Reds from Bierzo


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