Mysteries of Authentic Paella Revealed by Valencian Chefs Reply

Paella over woodfire

Six great Paella master cooks from different areas of the Valencian Community, cook six different authentic paella recipes, including all necessary ingredients in the making of this icon of Spanish gastronomy. This project is just a sample of the multiple variations of Spain’s most international dish, always based on Valencian tradition.

Editor’s note: Two things strike us about these recipes: their extreme simplicity and the fact that none of them include any fish or seafood. (So the “authentic” paellas you’ve been eating in restaurants all these years are essentially counterfeits.) Everything is made clear here: the recipes, the instructions and the video demo. Anybody who follows this simple guide can make an authentic Valencian paella. So what are you waiting for?


Here’s the link to homemade paella nirvana: (The menu interface is a bit clunky, but stick with it. It’s worth the trouble.)

This link is to the non-profit Wikipaella site that promotes authentic Valencian paella:

P.S. Don’t fail to look at the cooks’ biographies. These guys are the real deal.



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